5 Top Tips of Debating Pro-GMO Shills

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Nobody is stupid enough to be pro-gmo, so call them out and discredit everything they say by exposing them as a shill for Monsanto. If they call you a shill for Big Organic or start talking about logical fallacies, back away.

This might not sway the Monsatan shills but you might get the fence sitters on your side. No one likes animal cruelty. If they show you that that study only proved that drinking RoundUp makes men live longer or demands to see the pictures of the rats in the control group, change the subject.

Everyone knows that the so-called scientific consensus is paid for by Monsatan. And that there are no long-term studies. As long as your audience doesn’t use google and finds this, this or this, you are cooking on (organic) gas.

Demand labeling of all GM foods. Everyone will agree that we have a right to know what’s in our food. Don’t get dissuaded by the “then we also have a right to know if the crops were harvested on Tuesday, what is Big Tuesday hiding?”-nonsense. Or the quiz below, that’s just Monsatan propaganda. Just keep saying you have the right to know, no matter what. Once we get people to realize the dangers of GMOs by labeling them the bans are just around the corner. 

If everything else fails, pull the Agent Orange card. As soon as you whip out the horrible pictures of deformed children you win. The shills can argue for as long as they want about Monsatan not being the same company as back then, that it’s a logical fallacy, that the British invented Agent Orange before Vietnam, that many companies made it, that it was the government that actually waged war and sprayed it and that Monsatan warned them against dioxins all they want. The pictures and the muddy water win the debate.

Photo source: “March Against Monsanto Vancouver” by Rosalee Yagihara from Vancouver, Canada – 032A3231. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons